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Legum ILP

At Legum ILP® and as part of the Intellimark® Group of global legal and advisory practices we work with the biggest and fastest growing companies in Australia and Internationally. We collaborate on interesting and diverse Intellectual Property projects from various fields and industries, providing the best service by our extraordinary team.

Why Work at Legum ILP

Legum ILP  is constantly seeking to recruit experienced professionals. The benefits of working with Legum ILP extends beyond professional experience.


Our reputation is independently verified by our client and outside surveys and we have consistently been recognised as one of Australia’s leading Intellectual Property firms by our industry peers.

At Legum ILP, we offer the opportunity to work alongside highly educated and experienced professionals in the area of intellectual property. We pride ourselves on the talent of our people who deliver innovative and commercially focused solutions.


Due to our large international client base, we value practitioners with international and varied experience.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is a top priority of our leadership and development at Legum ILP. As a professional staff member we encourage you to grow in your role and take charge, when it counts and place client interests as top priority. 

Career Development

One you become an Attorney or Legal practitioner with Legum ILP you are not just pigeon holed within your team. We have a firm wide policy on career development both internally and through company supported further tertiary and professional education. 

Key Benefits In Joining Legum ILP
  • Flexibility in work from home and in house;

  • Career Development;

  • Firm Supported Further Education; 

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Respect; 

  • Strong Culture and Allied Environment; and 

  • Learn Under Australia's Leading IP Professionals. 


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