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IP Expertise

Our attorneys and practitioners have a diverse range of expertise and can advise our clients in a range of IP matters from Trademarks through to commercialisation and licensing.

IP Commercialisation

Making the most of your IP is priority for any business and the best way to maximise your IP is through a commercialisation strategy.

We work in partnership with our clients and advise them on making the most of their IP through well planed and developed commercialisation strategies that are personalised for commercial success for trade marks, designs, patents and copyright which draw on commercial expertise to ensure the right structures are in place.

International TM

Securing trademark registration is crucial for protecting your brand identity and maintaining a competitive edge in today's global marketplace.


At Legum ILP we offer comprehensive International trademark registration services that span across various countries, including China, USA, UK, Japan, Europe, and New Zealand. 

IP Risk

Proactive Intellectual Property Risk Management involves the process of identifying, analysing and responding to risk factors related to IP throughout the life of an IP right.


Proper risk management implies control of possible future events and is proactive rather than reactive. Our IP risk team takes an analytical approach and deep dive to expose and eliminate our clients IP risk through the development of active and reactive strategy.

IP Litigation

IP litigation and related disputes can be an unwanted distraction for any business, whether enforcing its right as the IP owner or defending infringement claims.

We work with our clients to assess the risks and rewards of pursuing all actions at the outset, weighing up the commercial benefits, the chance of success and the financial impact of any dispute.


Our team have strong technical expertise in domain name recovery actions and complaints.


This also includes legal proceedings where a domain name is infringing trade mark rights as well. Our approach is to understand your business objectives and provide you with a relevant outcome based strategy that fits with those objectives.


Copyright is a form of intellectual property that protects the original expression of ideas such as literature, music and software.


Legum ILP works with creators on copyright licensing strategy to control how their works are used, reproduced, and distributed, and gives them the ability to earn money from their creations.


Building up valuable branding, ideas and concepts takes a lot of time and money, something that other businesses may take from you if you don’t protect them properly.

Whether you run a small one-man consulting practice or a large international business, we can help you develop and implement a trademark strategy that not only safeguards your brand but also your investment in your business.


A design is the overall appearance of a product, and includes shape, configuration, pattern and/or ornamentation.

Sometime not all patents are registrable especially if the patent is not considered a new novel creation or an inventive step, however the over all appearance of your product may have protectable design rights which we can advise on protecting your design, provided it is both new and distinctive.

Looking to Register a Trade Mark?

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