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We work with developers, creatives and artists to protect and maximise value from Copyright works.

You may not have considered the options available to you licensing music for sync, graphics for the fashion industry or controlling the use of your program source code with end consumers. Legum ILP can also help you protect and register your copyright in the US and abroad for further licence and revenue opportunity. 

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The Copyright Overview

Copyright is a form of legal protection legislated in Australia through the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) . Under the Act this gives creators of original works of authorship, such as literature, music, software, and art, exclusive rights to use and distribute those works. Copyright law provides creators with the ability to control how their works are used, reproduced, and distributed, and gives them the ability to earn money from their creations.

In Australia Copyright is not a registrable form of IP and ownership vests with the artist upon creation, although in the United State you can register copyright for protection. If you don’t understand copyright things can become complicated, especially in music when it comes to a live recording of a performance and third parties are involved in creating new work.


This is why you should have a qualified team beside you that understand copyright and how to maximise its potential.

Forms of Copyright IP

Copyright applies to a wide range of creative works, and as a result, it is found in many different sectors of the economy. Some of the most common sectors in which copyright plays a role include:

  • Publishing: Copyright is a key aspect of the publishing industry, protecting works such as books, magazines, and newspapers.

  • Music: Copyright plays a major role in the music industry, protecting recorded music, song lyrics, and musical compositions.

  • Film and Television: Copyright is essential to the film and television industries, protecting motion pictures, television shows, and other audiovisual works.

  • Software: Copyright plays a crucial role in the software industry, protecting software programs and applications.

  • Art: Copyright applies to a wide range of creative works in the art sector, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other visual works.

  • Gaming: Copyright is an important aspect of the gaming industry, protecting video games, online games, and other interactive works.

  • Fashion: Copyright is becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry, protecting fashion designs, patterns, and other creative works.

These are just a few examples of the many sectors in which copyright plays a role. The reach of copyright is broad, and it is an important for creators to understand and know that they can benefit from their work.

Copyright Commercialisation

The key to successful commercialisation of copyrighted works is to have a clear understanding of the market demand and to develop a strategy that effectively leverages the copyrighted work to meet those demands.


This may require significant effort, including research and development, marketing, and legal efforts to protect the copyrighted work and ensure that it is used in a way that is consistent with the original vision.

From merchandising to licensing our commercial team can develop a strategy based on your original vision and creating additional value which you may not have considered in the market place

Copyright Licencing

Copyright license is an agreement between the copyright owner and another party that allows the latter to use the copyrighted work in a specific manner. The license sets out the terms and conditions of use, such as the scope of use, duration, geographical limits, and payment terms.

There are two main types of copyright licenses: exclusive and non-exclusive. An exclusive license grants the licensee exclusive rights to use the copyrighted work, meaning that the copyright owner cannot use or license the work to anyone else during the term of the license. A non-exclusive license, on the other hand, allows the copyright owner to license the work to multiple parties at the same time.

Our licensing team can assist you in a copyright licensing strategy to maxmise the return of your creative assets.

Where Legum ILP add Value on Copyright Protection

With the proliferation of online marketing and social media, copyright protection is more important than ever. As it is often said in the courts, if something is worth copying, it is worth protecting.

Legum ILP provides a range of services in relation to Copyright and we can advise and facilitate;

  • Providing advice on copyright in works such as logos, photographs, advertising copy, brochures, databases and websites;

  • Help you identify your copyright;

  • Preparing agreements for the commercial exploitation of copyright;

  • Drafting deeds of assignment to transfer ownership of copyright of works created by independent contractors;

  • Training your staff in relation to copyright issues and how to avoid infringing someone else’s copyright;

  • Providing advice on what to do if someone else is infringing your copyright;

  • Advising whether your material might be infringing someone else’s copyright;

  • Assisting you in obtaining copyright permissions;

  • Advising you on moral rights matters including authorship issues;

  • Considering proactive measures, you can take to help you protect and assert your copyright;

  • Providing advice on the legalities of using third party material;

  • Drafting and responding to letters of demand; and

  • Providing advice in complex areas of copyright law, such as whether copyright subsists in databases and website layouts.

Agency & Management

Legum ILP works with creative artists and performers on agency and management. Our process is to sit down one on one and learn about your creative pursuits and how the can be best protected, commercialised and structured for optimum return over your career.

Our Agency services are for:

  • Illustrators & Artists

  • Musicians

  • Writers

  • Designers

Simply contact our team and lets discuss how we can work together and give you a stronger commercial position at the negotiating table for your creative rights.

Contact Our Copyright Team

Reach our to our copyright and licensing rights team at Legum ILP for a confidential discussion on the registration and protection of your creative IP.

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