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International Trademarks

Securing trademark registration is crucial for protecting your brand identity and maintaining a competitive edge in today's global marketplace. As a business operating in the international arena, it is essential to safeguard your trademarks in key jurisdictions worldwide. At Legum ILP we offer comprehensive trademark registration services that span across various countries, including China, USA, UK, Japan, Europe, and New Zealand. Our team of experienced trademark professionals is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of global trademark registration and ensuring the strong protection of your brand.

Protect your
Trademark Internationally 

Protecting your trademark internationally, particularly in China and the USA, offers significant benefits for businesses operating in today's global marketplace. Here are the reasons why safeguarding your trademark in these jurisdictions is crucial.

Why you should protect register a Trademark in China and the USA

Market Size and Opportunities:


China and the USA are the two largest economies in the world, offering vast market opportunities for businesses. Registering your trademark in these jurisdictions ensures that you have exclusive rights to use your brand name, logo, or slogan in these markets. This protection helps you establish a strong presence, attract customers, and capitalize on the immense consumer base in these countries.

Counterfeiting and Unauthorised Use: 


China has faced challenges with counterfeit goods and intellectual property infringement in the past. However, with increasing efforts by the Chinese government to enhance IP protection and enforcement, securing trademark registration in China has become essential. By obtaining trademark protection, you can combat counterfeiting and prevent unauthorized use of your brand, ensuring that your products or services are not compromised in the Chinese market.

United States TM Registration

In the USA, trademark infringement and unauthorized use also pose significant risks. Registering your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides legal protection and the ability to take legal action against infringers. This protection is crucial in a market known for its competitiveness and robust enforcement of IP rights.

Legal Recourse

Registering your trademark in China and the USA strengthens your legal position and provides you with recourse in case of infringement or disputes. With a registered trademark, you have the right to pursue legal action against infringers, seek damages, and enforce your intellectual property rights effectively. This protection enables you to safeguard your brand's reputation, maintain customer trust, and preserve the value of your business.

Global Brand Protection

China and the USA are key players in the global economy and serve as important hubs for international trade. Registering your trademark in these jurisdictions enhances your global brand protection. It acts as a deterrent to potential infringers, preventing them from capitalizing on your brand's reputation and success.

Global Licencing

A registered trademark in China and the USA provides you with licensing opportunities and the ability to expand your business in these markets. By having exclusive rights to your trademark, you can enter into licensing agreements with local partners or expand your operations through franchising. These opportunities can contribute to revenue growth, increased brand visibility, and the establishment of valuable partnerships.

Why engage Legum ILP for International Trademarks

Comprehensive International Searches


Before embarking on the trademark registration process, it is crucial to conduct thorough availability searches to determine the uniqueness and availability of your desired trademark. Our experts conduct comprehensive searches in each targeted jurisdiction to identify any conflicting trademarks or potential obstacles. This proactive approach helps minimise the risk of opposition or rejection and increases the likelihood of a successful registration.

Trademark Registration with domiciled attorneys


Our trademark registration services cover a wide range of jurisdictions, including China, USA, UK, Japan, Europe, and New Zealand. We handle the entire registration process, from preparing and filing the necessary applications to communicating with the relevant intellectual property offices on your behalf. Our team ensures that all requirements and procedures are followed meticulously, maximising your chances of a successful registration. This is due to Legum ILP's global footprint in Trademarks and Intellectual property law and having qualified attorneys on the ground in such jurisdictions as the UK which we engage Chartered Trademark Attorneys with the qualifications, expertise and experience to advise on UK trademarks law.

International Trademark Portfolio Management


Managing your trademark portfolio across multiple jurisdictions can be complex and time-consuming. Our trademark professionals provide comprehensive portfolio management services to streamline the maintenance and protection of your trademarks. We monitor renewal deadlines, handle paperwork and documentation, and proactively manage any changes or updates required to keep your portfolio up to date.

Trademark Renewals


Trademark registrations require periodic renewals to maintain their legal protection. We assist you in managing the renewal process for your trademarks in China, USA, UK, Japan, Europe, and New Zealand. Our team ensures that all renewal deadlines are met, prepares the necessary documentation, and handles the renewal submissions to the respective intellectual property offices. By staying on top of renewal requirements, we help you safeguard your trademark rights without interruption.

Trademark Opposition and Dispute Resolution


In the event of trademark opposition or disputes, our team provides expert guidance and representation. We have experience in handling opposition proceedings and disputes in China, USA, UK, Japan, Europe, and New Zealand. Our professional Attorneys are located globally and qualified in their respective jurisdiction with feet on the ground to advise and work closely with you to develop effective strategies and defend your trademark rights.

Whether it involves litigation or international arbitration, we are committed to protect your brand's integrity and reputation.

Contact a global IP specialist at Legum ILP

James Leslie-Watt

  • LinkedIn
Managing Partner & Trans Tasman IP Attorney - Legum ILP Sydney
Trademark Attorney Sydney

James represents clients in all phases of domestic and international trademark registration from clearance searches and freedom to operate advice, to preparation of new applications and representing clients in application & registration oppositions from IP Australia and external third parties.

Further to James skills he has commercialisation, licensing and transactional experience in risk protection and portfolio management of multi-brand portfolios.

James is a registered Trans Tasman Trademark Attorney with the TTIPAB, holds post graduate qualifications: Professional Certificate in Arbitration (Adelaide University) Master of Business Administration (Finance) (AIB), Master of International Law (Griffith University) and Master of Intellectual Property (UTS Sydney).


He is also a member of the IPTA, Resolution Institute, Charted Institute of Arbitrators & Lesanz International

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