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Commercialisation & Risk Advice

What is the best method to commercialise your IP?

Question’s to be answered are what legal structure will you use ? which economic jurisdiction will your IP be owned ? and what ways can your IP be effectively monetised in the Market such as licensing ?

Our team are recognised as the “go-to” team for IP commercialisation and licensing in Australia. We bring a broad commercial and strategic perspective to your intellectual property commercialisation and licensing strategy.

If you have a promising idea or technology, you can commercialise it to make a profit and generate value.

You can generate the profit yourself by launching the product independently, or work with others to bring the product to market. This may involve assigning, licensing or franchising your IP.

IP Commercialisation at Legum ILP

Commercialisation Pathway

IP Licencing 

Corporate Structuring

Commercialising a new brand thats either a product or service is a strategy consisting of many steps comprising a ‘route to market’ or ‘commercialisation pathway’.


Your commercialisation strategy may include: sourcing a commercialisation opportunity by licensing your IP Internationally or licensing the IP of another global party to be sold domestically.

Legum ILP commercialisation team will work with you to undertake a comprehensive analysis and audit of your commercial opportunities whilst managing risk.

Looking to take your IP Global ?


The opportunity to market may involve licensing your Trademark, Patent, Plant breeders Rights or Copyright.

IP licensing is a complex task and the right advice and strategy is required. The global nature of IP risk adds that extra complexity especially when it comes to enforcing and protecting your rights including any dispute resolution between parties that can result in cross boarder litigation.

Our team are seasoned licensing professionals working across FMCG, E-commerce, Technology, Fashion, Entertainment and more.

The biggest risk factor at hand is who owns your IP and you may ask why is this the case ?


The ownership structure of your IP can have serious consequences both financially and legally if it is not commercialised within the right structure.


Such risks are Litigation risk, Insolvency Risk and Economic Risk and can make or break a successful IP company.

Our team have extensive experience in the correct structuring of IP asset both in Australia and abroad when it comes to structuring IP ownership correctly.

IP Valuations

Approximately 85% of the value in US S&P 500 stock market relates to intangible assets and that 40 years ago intangibles made up less than 20% and Australia is trending the same way especially now the world is more digital and more and more tech entrepreneurs are coming from Australia.


A prime example in IP value success is Canva with a market capitalisation of $37 Billion derived in a simple to use online design website through its brand and software code.

Most businesses don’t recognise their intangible assets on their balance sheets, hence the difference between the market capitalisation value of a listed company and its net asset backing. Given their contribution to the overall value of many businesses it is imperative to correctly value the intangible assets if you are going to correctly value the business and the entity conducting the business.


When management of a business has a good understanding of its intangible assets, they can leverage them for maximum value.

Legum ILP in-house valuation experts in the valuation can assist with the valuation of IP for M&A Activity, Strategic Business Planning, CGT Tax Purposes, IPO’s or Capital Raising.

Capital & Investment

M&A for IP

Now you know what your IP is worth but how can you leverage its value for capital raising and investment? Raising capital is a major part of a successive growth strategy for IP based companies.


It is also important that the right capital and investment solution is in place for effective ROI. Capital and Investment pathways that your IP business may take is through Bank Financing, Private Venture Capital Government Commercialisation Grants or the Australian Taxation Office R&D incentive.


However with the later you must have a comprehensive strategy in place in order to comply with any future audits under the grant. Legum ILP can advise and assist with the right capital and investment solution to obtain funding to leverage your IP whilst maintaining risk.

Speak with our Capital advisory team today on your options.

Undertaking the right due diligence is important when undertaking merger and acquisition opportunities.


However its is also important that your IP is merger and acquisition ready if you’re going to derive full future value and make it valuable to interested parties.


A successful M&A strategy can be make or break and when it comes to leveraging your IP it’s important that all the right structures, agreements and licences are in place and documented in your data centre should an M&A opportunity arrive that needs a fast execution.

Legum ILP can work alongside your M&A advisors and make your IP “business market ready” undertaking a comprehensive audit of your IP to develop and execute a strategic plan . This ensures you can take advantage of capital opportunities with all the defensive and offensive points in play to realise the full financial value of your IP.

If your thinking of M&A and possible market opportunities or seeking a partner with eyes wide open on the IP landscape feel free to reach out to our team today.

Contact Our Commercialisation and Risk Advisory Team

Reach our to our commercial team at Legum ILP for a confidential discussion on the commercialisation and risk managment of your IP.

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